see the example - alignment guided by intention - the difference between fear and patience - i know a shark when i see one - someones catching all the fish - once more in the fishers net - never again - ill find food in the sea - treasure chest pirates claws and wooden legs - hang it like a big catch to remind yourself never again - bear traps and hooks that barb - i will stand with the trees - here signs are clear - not tired just tired of you - you know who you are, the one that makes people sick - goodbye - i will hang the shark as a reminder of you - kumague will watch for you - transformation shark - man turns from, shark, to whale - submerged - now at home in the ocean - he always dreamed of becoming a whale - yes no - farsight - blindspot - do not judge the future out of time - what is connected and what is not - intention over direction - purpose and truth align as strength - guarded by spirits, snakes, and skeletons - mistakes are clearer then precision - continuous - remember the signs - Ouija - Yes Yes Yes - beartrap - gold before paper - be aware of your growth - you are a large fish - you can swim the ocean further than the land - the phoenix guided by orions belt - i dont know what that means but i can feel it - im sure you can feel me - my desire has out weighed destiny many times - skeletons do not scare me. snakes do not scare me. sharks do not scare me. whales do not scare me - you are either full or empty - when you are not afraid you are full - whale fin - remove - tell your future - what do you think of death? - i dont. - who new this is where it would end?

50" x 72" on canvas
acrylic, oil pastel, pencil