The Chief Became A Volcano

somewhere between learning and remembering - engaging and becoming - this is destiny - the question shows - intention - measure - bigger connection - using pyramids like stones - cast - a whale reaching to explain its purpose - most grateful for magic - accepting expansion - 6x8 - lion runs - to the left again - too much reaching - the idea of standing still and waiting - it must be good if youre running - youre not running because youre scared - the reward of growth - racoons and a grand crane - dreams - the freedom to dream with open eyes - lion reaches with an extra hand - he wears the mask of a human - often in dreams i run like a monkey - somewhere between 4 and 2 - 6x10 - feral - he removed the human head - this was when he began to run on magic - flowers surrounded him instantly - he switched hands to become equal - he became a lion - he recognized the future - his shoulders relaxed - he took a deep breath - what does my brain say now - little dipper, constelations - clouds at his feet - mountains - yes ouija - best to trust yourself - do not mistake a star traveler for icarus - fear will hide itself behind many faces - the snake arm returns to guide the future - you always have yourself - buffalo lion owl wings - the dark and the moon - you do not know the future - you can only guess at now - know yourself - nothing stays as it is - snakes become tenticles - reaching like roots - long shark - hard to believe even when you know - 6x14 - getting closer to the edge - it is fear that stalls your jump - this is almost always the case - dont be afraid - bear suit - star traveler - know your face when you see it - one with stars and moons - the vessel holds many forms - 8x8 - the chief became a volcano - center of the earth - edge of the galaxy - one with stars and moons - meteors, stones and eggs - connected to all things - he has become

96" x 96" on wood
acrylic, oil pastel, pencil