The Wolf Remained

he grew in many directions - transformation - whales in his belly - lightning in his hand - somewhere between flying and swimming - many panels aligned - the arrangement grew and puzzled to find its shape - like a tug of war between growth and seperation - wolves and bats pointed from the side of the cave - this way - elephant shark - the whale grew jaws - arms and legs - the shark and the bear - with lightning and an arrow - anything that preceeded this was the past - this was clearly now - choose in the present - timing is everything - elephant shark - carries lightning to the ocean floor - center of the volcano - very similar to running on the moon - he protects magic from pyramids - he moved it far from land so the search would be to long for those who did not fully understand desire - the strongest message yet - you must put down your arrows to receive the prize - unicorn horn - risk persistance and purpose will bring you - gamic - elephant shark grants the bear the lightning and the horn for his persistance - accept what you have earned - the bear removed all the horns from the shark - they met near the mountains at the bottom of the sea - you cant breath air here. you will have to learn to breath the water - the bear presented an open lock - soon after the bear the rabbit arrived - secret meeting - many spirits were collecting for this leap in destiny - they knew the spell, and had been casting it for weeks - it was only a matter of time and persistance now - for something this grand - desire far exceeded risk - the pieces were alligning - as if every step counts - and it does - the rabbit began to levitate flowers and arrange the stars - the secret meeting had begun - what they had all thought was a unicorns horn - was actually the horn of a rhinosorus - a formal self of the elphant shark - there was an elephants silouette on the wall - there would soon be a rhinosorus in the sky - a sign maginified by a tingling deep inside - thats when you know its right - the rabbit began to tell the story - stars, stones, moons, and magma - all the planets were alligned - he told of all the pyramids he had turned on their side - now that the pyramids were turned - it was safe to return the horn to the elephant shark - he could come back to land if he wanted - he had forgotten he was at the floor of the sea - running on mountains a mile below the surface - the furthest planet was an egg that rained flowers - the rhino guarded his own horn and offered it to the bear - rabbit explained the truth of the stars,stones,cages and eggs - best not to pretend you understand unless you do - you will most definetly miss something - if you choose to simply believe you will never understand - secret meeting - believe - every thing is connected - this is the real story - the rabbit had the horn and the lock - he had to give them away - to carry the stars and lightning - we must let go of the achievement to find a new dream - lightning and stars were sure to bring a powerful destiny - spider rabbit - polar - it was revealed the rabbit was also made of more than one spirit - he was a great chief with polar bear hands and rabbits eyes - he had transformed many times to know syncronicity would motivate his destiny - the bear had been carrying the moon on his back for 3 days - he shifted between man and bear durring the story - all the changes fefined the focus of instinct and integrity - this is where the truth resides - a touch of where wolf - as the story continued the rabbit grew further into a bear - and the bear imagined he was a whale - stop - this is a secret - many spirits left all at once - the rabbit turned wolf reached for the bear - then his head lifted off as the body became a window - the shark and bear stared at the emptiness - perhaps its best we just speak about now - the polar bear swam 100 miles to find the shark at the bottom of the sea - no one was looking for the horn - or guarding it - it was just there - the shark being an elephant or rhyno was not the question - it was not there concern - we did not need the stars arranged - the point was to meet in the sea - free from land - the story will be told now - flowers lead the way - floating - from the surface and growing from the bottom - a face reflected in the water - similar to a window that the rabbit had showed them long ago - the bear shifted forms - he thought as hard as he could - his ears grew like a rabbits - faces grew from his chin - a totem that went beyond the frame - his body overtook the totem and he doubled in size almost instantly - his growth was finally beginning to fit and he began to glow - the owl watched from behind - seperate the pieces to understand each meaning - time and persistance - days of confusion followed - the sharks arms grew back as snakes and a wolves cloak - a familiar place - messanger pigeon - he crawled on all fours - great wolf - great wolf shark - finally he filled the space engulfing everything he had been before - to become - make a wish - remember why you made it - under the ice deep in the sea - right back where you started as a completely different person - angler fish with wolfs teeth - he was now the size of a tank - how long did you think it would take to come up with the best idea you ever had? next, how much should that cost? - I havent thouht of either. Im busy painting a giant fish - these are the questions from the time of rabbits and bears - i am somewhere else - sea horse? - wolf bull? - he continued to attempt to stay within his limits - he could only come back to the surface if he could walk as a wolf or a bear - he showed his potential - cousin of the snow spirit stands with trees in his shoulders - it had taken many steps - one at a time - he is now a great wolf - be aware the messages of moons and squirrels - the next day he was gone - the wolf remained

120" x 120" on wood
acrylic, oil pastel, pencil