You Can't Stop Me Now

Less Logical More Beautiful - First and Last - Killer Whale His Past Now A Skeleton - Shed Your Skin - Unicorn Boy Looks From A Cliff To The Sea - You Need To Be There To Know A longer story reveals more complex ideas - Whale bones, bear fins - When you begin to speak your own language - The difference between looking for and waiting for - The bear became spines, and the broken hand mended itself - To see the future you must look for a few days Expand without fear - Bigger - Magic - Ghost Path You cant stop me now - Remain present - It is now that creates the future - The long way is the short cut - Great flying whale - Something Different - He waits along the ocean floor - the most wasted time is spent learning intuition and instinct Mountainback - Buried waiting to emerge - Time and place in unison - Know this face when you see it - The observance of moments aligned - Clearly divided yet whole - Grizzly With Wings - His skeleton moves ahead of his mask - He is what he has always been - The clear view when all is left free - There are no shadows in the dark - The distance of stars and moments is inconsistant This is not entertainment - This is magic - No direct relationship with the gods - Spiritualism is the natural state of being - All sacred - Reason changes This

48" x 144" on wood
acrylic, oil pastel, pencil