Radiate like Butterflies

the faces of giants - a wolf with fingers - the animals are becoming - clouds for shoulders - perspective is everything - the challenge of doing only what matters - growth is not easy - constilation of the wolf - born of the earth - he touched stars and watched the moon - wolf mountain - magic starts with a waving hand - crystals syctral - half understanding - half knowing you dont understand - fear will always make you settle for being controlled - magic is not afraid - the past is a place holder - dont behold - asking yourself is a scared way of faking yourself - beware identity - the weight of wolves and mountains - bigger volcano grows searching for the sun - all things connected - magic does not come from dollars - i reach towards the wolf left handed - totem shoulder - cure yourself - esprect - spontaneous understanding - nacoe omon ullf esprect ispiritu ose pequenio - yo tango hombre - wolves eyes a wizard hands euresr imunillate ogrwth like arbol one after the other - spear and you will listen - will spoke the example - i was reminded connection over direction - warrior like a force in motion - owls wings / slow gwins - tanlers and ightnling bolts - you cant stop me now either - 9 years later - 1 out of 100 remember that - no one cares more than you - phoenix dreams of canoes and eggs - the faces in stones - circumstance - i really just know - im not up for a visit right now - planets misaligned - too far ahead to see anything coming - balancing expectation and truth self respect truth and integrity - the difference between doing and caring knowing and guessing - tired - trying - responsible possible - tired

96" x 96" on wood
acrylic, oil pastel, pencil