Raindrops At The Top Of The Mountain

mountain - open your eyes - a mountain is born of horses and chiefs - ridevn by cavemen who came before - the bears collect at the base - at the top you can watch the future - anxious rabbits relax their shoulders - three moons in the daylight - the clouds are full of water - rain - drop - camelot - there is an open window at the bottom - sustinance from connection - divided by conquest - another time - sun and leaves - fall is here the mountain decided to walk - he picked a tree and carried it - replant? growth? remind? - remember - 2 moons - golden autumn - youre paying attention - dont be afraid - make a song and listen - red lights green flickers - nothing makes sense anyway - dont be afraid of strangers - rainbows are waiting for you to walk - there is a lot to remember - new rules - fin - snake eggs - migrating birds - there is a man deep inside

48" x 72" on wood
acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, collage